Applications opening soon: Head of Impact / ME&L Specialist

About Suvita

Suvita is a startup nonprofit working to increase uptake of routine childhood immunisations in India. We are impact-focused and currently deliver two evidence-based programmes to boost attendance at vaccination appointments:

  1. Identifying natural community influencers and supporting them to act as immunisation ambassadors

  2. Sending SMS reminders directly to new parents and caregivers, to help them remember when their child is due for a vaccination.


The role

Do you love digging into data to inform decision-making? We will soon be opening hiring for a Head of Impact / Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning specialist role.

We are looking for someone to lead our use of data to learn about and improve our programmes, including a variety of workflows such as:

  • Coming up with research questions and hypotheses which we should test with the aim of increasing our programmes’ impact at scale. Testing these hypotheses and deciding which changes we should make to our programming as a result.

  • Using administrative data from our government partners to conduct impact evaluations of our programmes (most likely DiDs, but also exploring the strengths and limitations of the data for conducting randomised evaluations).

  • Defining priority programme metrics which we will focus on monitoring as our programmes scale, then setting up systems to do this.

  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative MEL activities to increase our clarity around the mechanism of impact of our programmes.

  • Identifying and using suitable data sources to investigate district-level and block-level heterogeneity in immunisation rates, to inform our scaling strategy (e.g. targeted vs. universal).

This role will involve working with a range of senior colleagues including Co-Founders, Programme Managers and Head of Tech, as well as engaging with our partners and advisors (such as academics and research institutions), on MEL projects and topics.

Why it's awesome

  • Your work will save lives.

  • Your work will actively feed into organisational decision-making. It's not just research for research's sake - we want to make sure it gets translated into impact.

  • You’ll get to nerd out on in-depth M&E work whilst also contributing across a range of connected areas (e.g. strategy, operations, tech).

  • You’ll have lots of autonomy, making decisions about which areas of investigation we should prioritise, with high flexibility about how/when/where you work.

  • You’ll be exploring interesting questions which nobody knows the answer to yet.

  • You’ll be part of a mission-driven, impact-focused organisation with strong values, delivering programmes grounded in evidence.

  • It’s a high-leverage role in a young organisation. We are aiming for huge growth of our programmes and impact in the coming years, so there are plenty of opportunities for outsized personal impact.


Who we're looking for

  • You’re highly motivated by the impact of the role, and this will guide your day-to-day decision-making. You want to see your work having a clear impact in the real world, not just sitting in a dusty journal.

  • You are high-agency - proactively exploring questions, identifying considered ways that we could make our work more impactful, and making them happen. 

  • You excel at both focused, independent, self-driven work as well as collaborative projects requiring coordination and teamwork.

  • You have a degree or equivalent experience in economics, public health or a related field. Ideally, you’ll have both a master’s degree and experience working in India on health/development projects, but these are not hard requirements. We would be excited to hire someone with plenty of experience, but if you’re early-career and excited by the role, be assured that we’re more interested in how fast you can grow than your current level of experience. There’s a chance we could end up hiring both a more senior and a more junior person to work together.

  • You’re excited about diving deep into the topic of vaccination from various angles. 

  • You’re interested in sceptical truth-seeking to really understand what’s going on.

Other details

  • Full time - it will start as a fixed 1-year contract but we hope to make it a long term position subject to performance and org plans and budgets.

  • We haven’t finalised the salary yet but plan for it to be competitive with other nonprofit salaries, and in line with the experience and responsibilities of the selected candidate.

  • Benefits include 30 days’ paid holiday leave per year plus 12 days’ sick leave at full pay, and reimbursement towards an annual health insurance policy for all India-based team members.

  • We would prefer you to be based in India, but this is not a hard requirement. We have team members based in Pune, Patna and London but are open to fully remote or hybrid work models.

  • We aim to open applications in the second half of July 2022, for the person to join the team as soon as possible.​

Next steps

If this all sounds exciting, please submit your email address using this form and we will email you as soon as applications open. We look forward to hearing from you :)