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Our Values

Users come first.

Our programme users and the communities we work with are our number one priority. Our programmes are designed with their participation to meet their needs and we actively minimise any risks of harm.


Prioritise impact.

We make our decisions based on impact, aiming to achieve as much good as possible.

This means that we spend our time, money and energy strategically on things which most increase our impact, and we design programmes which are scalable from the beginning.


Team not self.

We are dependable, present, motivated and dedicated, setting ourselves high standards. We trust each other, and work with integrity and respect. We value skills and strengths, not arbitrary power dynamics. Everyone plays a vital role. We are kind and have fun :)


Be humble.

We assume we don’t have all the answers. We are non-judgemental, challenging our own assumptions and biases.

We are mindful of the context in which we work, including historical contexts and power dynamics. We value collaboration with and expertise from others as necessary to achieving sustainable impact.


Be better.

We constantly aim to improve. This means seeking and embracing feedback and proactively identifying opportunities to be better, both as individuals and as an organisation. We are open to experimenting with creative solutions.


Be brave.

Individually, we are prepared to have courageous conversations. This means being proactively candid, sharing honest feedback and being willing to respectfully disagree. We are comfortable with discomfort and embrace diversity of thought.

Organisationally, we are bold and ambitious - setting audacious goals and transparently celebrating failure. If we don’t collect failures then we aren’t being ambitious enough.


Think. Then act.

We ensure that we make good decisions, but don’t get caught up in overthinking.

First, we think. We ensure that our decisions are informed by evidence and rigorous analysis.

Then, we act. We will rarely have perfect information before making a decision, so we act on imperfect information and adjust course as we learn more. We are flexible, adaptable and agile. We don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

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