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PLEASE NOTE: This is an archived page. We are no longer seeking applications for this position.

Terms of Reference: 


Business Development Summer Intern (part time, remote) 

July- September, approx. 20 hours/week 

Suvita is a non-profit organisation that increases demand for routine immunisation in India by harnessing the power of SMS reminders and community networks.


We recently joined forces with Charity Science Health (CSH) and our combined team has been incubated by N/Core, GiveWell and Charity Entrepreneurship. Our small, agile team is based across three states. We send SMS reminders about infants’ upcoming vaccines to more than 300,000 (3 lakh) households and are currently piloting an iteration of the “immunisation ambassador” programme to increase demand for routine immunisation. 


We are seeking a Business Development Intern to help us better understand the philanthropy landscape and to help plan how Suvita can leverage new funding streams as we scale to reach more people in India.   


The intern will 

  • systematise our ‘grant tracker’ which tracks and ranks grants we may be eligible to apply for. We have currently prioritised Venture Philanthropy and Indian Incubators followed by global and Indian Trusts and Foundations. The intern will re-organise the grant tracker to reflect these priorities. 

  • conduct research to identify top priority funders. Within each priority funding stream, the intern will identify top priority funders based on several criteria including overlap in goals and mandate, existing connections of staff and networks,  and upcoming funder deadlines.

  • assist with developing new streams of fundraising.  A couple of funding streams we are interested in exploring further are Trusts and Foundations and crowdfunding.  The intern will set up templates to apply to foundations and conduct shallow research on organising successful crowdsourcing

  • conduct shallow research on different fundraising approaches. We are keen to set up an internal Knowledge Management System on fundraising to learn from our own experience but also from the experience  of others in the sector and industry standards. The intern will undertake shallow  research on different funding streams based on available literature and interviews with experts in the sector.

  • provide ad hoc support to existing fundraising efforts. This would mainly involve editing proposals and communications outputs such as business pitches and plans


Support and Supervision

The intern will work closely with co-founder, Varsha. She will spend approximately four hours upfront working with the intern to develop a timeline, a research process, and a  set of outputs. We will then have 45 minute calls on a weekly basis (depending on the researcher’s availability of weekly hours) to discuss progress and next steps. 


Who are we looking for

We expect you to be:

  • Highly self-motivated; comfortable working remotely with low support and supervision 

  • Conscientious, analytical and attentive to detail

  • Able to become knowledgeable about a topic quickly

  • An excellent writer who can summarise research findings succinctly

  • Committed to completing the work to an excellent standard

Familiarity with global health and poverty space is an advantage but not necessary


What we offer

  • The opportunity to improve Suvita’s impact by using systematic inquiry to inform our decision-making - this role will be particularly high-leverage given that we are a new organisation with big ambition

  • Experience contributing to high-level decisions around fundraising, working closely with a co-founder, and exposure to the processes and tools used for fundraising activities

  • A fun, passionate team who care about helping you to do good with your subsequent career (we are generally happy to make an introduction or write a reference)

  • A flexible work schedule


Other details

We want to ensure that nobody is prevented from taking this position due to personal circumstances, so will consider compensation on an individual basis. For candidates who are able to volunteer their time, we anticipate that the internship will be voluntary. For candidates who require compensation, we will support this.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at


To apply, fill out this form. All applications received by the end of Sunday 19th July are guaranteed consideration; applications received after this date may not be considered if we have already found a suitable candidate.

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